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When is the best time of the day to take real estate photos?

Its really depends on the orientation of the house! Shooting directly toward sun is undesirable. The sun rise in the east and set in the west. The best time for real estate photoshoot would be after 12:00 pm for west facing homes & morning for east facing properties.  Also, cloudy or partial cloudy sky would be the best since we are replacing the cloudy sky with blue sky in our luxury package. 

How to prepare a home for photo-shoot?

Click Here to learn what needs to be done before real estate photo-shoot. 

Can I get a refund if I don't like the pictures or video?

Yes, DallasPro is 100% money back guarantee. You can pay your invoice after you review our work. 

What is the difference between Luxury and Basic photography?

Our Luxury photography is combination of flash and ambient light when the basic photography is just ambient light! Luxury photography comes with window-pull, blue sky, green grass, virtual fire in fireplace, property website, and next day delivery!  

What is the difference between Real & Virtual Twilight?

Virtual twilight can be taken at any time of the day regardless of time and weather condition. Our professional designers will virtually showcase landscape, property, & pool lighting and features fire pits, and a beautiful virtual sunset! Beautiful twilighted sky and green grass always guaranteed.

All-Exterior Real twilight will be taken at the twilight time and includes 4 to 6 twilight shots from front elevation and backyard. Real twilight photos are different because there's that element of other-worldliness to them that only appears during that brief moment between day and night.

How can I schedule and pay for my services.

​Book you services with our easy to use online booking in this page. The other options would be call/text at 972-979-7989 or email at info@dallaspro.com. We will send you a confirmation email shortly after your booking. All your services done by DallasPro would be uploaded in your portal and can be downloaded after your invoice get paid. You can pay your invoice before or after your shooting. 

How can I get a promo code?

Checkout our weekly promotions

What would be the turnaround time for my package?

24 to 48 hours for luxury photography, aerial, 3D tours and bundles. 48 hrs for basic photography, virtual staging & pool rendering. 2 to 3 days for a video. 4 days for a house rendering. 

How do I get my photos/video or 3d tour back?

Any material would be saved on your portal/property website and it can be downloaded any time in different sizes. You will receive an email as soon as your pictures or other material uploaded in your portal. 

How can I specify which rooms/area/type of shots needs to be taken?

Simply click here to specify your shots! Based on the number of images on your package, you have to specify which rooms, areas or type of photography needs to be taken. 

Is It better to have more photos in a listing?

A property is a major purchase, and including as many images in a listing as possible tends to be more appealing to buyers. Viewers tend to stay on property pages for longer sessions with additional images to peruse. It also conveys transparency so potential buyers will not feel misled by hidden aspects of a particular space. Additionally, it allows potential buyers to virtually immerse themselves in the property to give them the ultimate viewing experience.

Do I own the rights to my photos?

No. Images and videos are the intellectual property of DallasPro. Copyright to all images produced for the Client will be held by DallasPro. All images and video bought in our residential packages come with a DallasPro Limited License;

  • Client/agent is given permission to use images & videos (via print, web or other social media) owned by DallasPro for the sole purpose of selling/leasing the listed property.

  •  Use of images under this agreement is limited to licensee and expires when the listed property sells/leases, or upon the termination of the listing for the listed property with client/agent.

  • Usage is not granted to any third party. 

  • Image usage rights are non-exclusive, non-transferable and cannot be traded, bartered or sold.

Please Note

Because we shoot multiple homes each day, it is important that your property be photo-ready. In order to service all of our clients in a professional manner, your appointment includes a specific amount of time for your photo session and an estimated number of images. Your home will be shot AS-IS. The property must be photo-ready when we arrive. We do not provide any cleaning, moving or home staging services. Failure to have your home photo-ready may impact the number of photographs taken. Your appointment includes a specific amount of time for the photo session and an estimated number of images.